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Tampa Bay Provides Top Notch Fishing In January

Well the New Year has come and we are in January. I have called Tampa my home all my life and every time around the first of the year I know why. While most are complaining about shoveling snow, we get the benefit of wearing sandals and shorts. In addition to the great weather comes some top notch fishing. Snook fishing still hold strong around the river and creeks as weather just has not reached the point of cold. Whitebait (A.K.A Greenbacks) still roams throughout the bay and can be caught with ease around the towers and markers. If you seek to catch bait make sure to bring your big heavy bait nets as bait is deeper this time of year.

Trout fishing is also a great fish to target this time of year. As water temperatures cool the big Trout move onto the beautiful flats of Tampa Bay. This is a great fishing to target on both artificial baits as well as live. Greenbacks and Shrimp are the top producers on live bait. If you are into throwing artificial baits you can’t go wrong with the Zman PaddlerZ baits or the Mirrolure MirroDine is another great option to put big fish to the boat

Redfishing in the winter time is a great way to catch plenty of fish. As the reds move into the rivers and creeks and feed on all types of crustaceans. Live or artificial shrimp would be the bait of choice as they are just roaming the bottom of the bay looking for an easy meal.Redfish are great to target this time of year so get out and do some fishing!

So while you’re in the area on vacations enjoy your time in the sun on the amazing beaches, or riding the roller coasters at Busch Gardens make sure and mix a little fishing with your vacation. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 813-727-9890 or just go t our book now page for more information. Tightlines!