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April is a great month for fishing… one of my favorites!

Cold fronts really start to fade and weather in Tampa is some of the best of the year. Fishing in Tampa Bay is also great as flats fishing is in full swing as fish move onto the flats and get ready for summer. This month we will also start to see Tarpon a.k.a the Silver King start to invade Tampa Bay. Tampa Tarpon fishing charters start to kick off now and run all the way through the summer as fish migrate north.

During the summer months our resident fish move up the bay on the bridges, reefs, and underwater shoals that lay inside Tampa Bay. Bait is the choice when fishing a Tampa Tarpon fishing charter would have to be pass crabs as they flow out with the stronger tides around the new and full moons. Around the moons these tides are known as the hill tides. Drifting these hill tides free lining pass crabs will be a very productive method of fishing. Another tarpon fishing technique is to use cut or live Threadfin Hearing. These are 5 to 6inch baits caught in Tampa Bay using big 12 foot cast nets. Not just any net will do as you will need the adequate amount of weight to sink fast. I prefer the Humpback nets to get the job done. Tarpon sizes range from 40 to 200lbs so only the best of gear will hold up to the strenuous fight. I use an 8 foot St Croix rod matched with a 5000 Daiwa saltist – Anything smaller will not cut it. Match this with a 65lb Braided line,60lb fluorocarbon leader and 5/0 Daiichi circle hook and you will be ready for battle with one of the best fighting fish that live on earth. You can have productive days in both early in the morning or late into the afternoon so it’s easy to go around your busy schedule during your stay.

Keep in mind that Tampa Bay offers a variety of activities for those that are here, from fishing to sailing, or just a trip to one of our famous beaches, you will enjoy your stay here.