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Fishing Report

Basic Rigs that are used on a charter trip in Tampa Bay!

By August 30, 2010No Comments

As I run my charters one of the most common questions I get asked is, Captain what kind of knot do you tie, What brand or type of line do you use or What size of hook is that. So I figured it would not hurt to post this to help people understand what tackle is used. Most of the fishing that we do is light tackle inshore with the exception for Tarpon fishing. So my everyday light tackle rig is Daiwa 8ft Medium light rod matched with a 2500 Daiwa Tierra or Excellar Spinning reel I spool all my inshore rigs with Fins 4 lb diameter 10 lb Strength braided line. My knots are very simple but proven. Since I never use swivels I tie a double uni- knot from my line to leader with my leader being 25 lb fluorocarbon. I like to use a simple loop knot from my line to hook and most of the time my hook size is a 1/0 Daiichi bleeding circle hook.  For Tarpon tackle I use heavy spinning gear which consist of a 7 foot heavy 30 to 50 lb class rod matched with a 5000  Daiwa Excellar Saltwater Series spinning gear.  The same type of fins braided line but 10- 50 lb which is much heavier. Knots are different. I start off with a Bimini Twist for a double line and the 60 lb leader is tied to the main line with a no name knot. An last I use a single Uni knot to attach the leader to the 5/0  Daiichi bleeding cirle. This is the basic rigs that I use on a day to day basis and work well. To learn more about what Tampa Bay has to offer email or call to book a trip!!!!!