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February is the turning point for spring fishing in Tampa Bay. This past week we had the yearly invasion of the Gasparilla parade invaded Tampa Bay. This is a yearly event that bring thousands of boats to come enjoy the festivities as they follow the ship all the way up to the Bayshore area in North Tampa Bay. A stiff cold front hit us and caused most people to stay landside. This same cold front shut down fishing for a few days and the bay saw water temperatures drop into the mid 50s. Since we have seen some warmer days and on those warmer days fishing has been great.

This is the month to target Sheepshead in Tampa Bay

As mentioned, cold fronts are frequent this time of year and while we are still catching Snook and Reds on the warmer days, they tend to shut down on those cooler days. While most fish tend to shut down on those colder days you can really have a great day on the water with Sheepshead. This is the best time of year to go after the odd-looking creatures. At first glance people tend to blow them off but man they are a great tasting fish and put up a heck of a fight. On those cold days when other species don’t want anything to do with a bait, Sheepshead will be eating the bottom out of the boat. It’s a great time to get out and get on the action in the month of February.

This is the month of change in Tampa Bay

While the beginning of the month may seem to be colder than us Floridians would like. We know that warmer is just weeks away and inshore fishing is about to explode. As we approach the end of the month the days get longer the sun gets warmer and the fish get hungry. Once we get a good week of warmer sunny weather, the switch gets turned on and the flats come alive. Just about every cut, oyster bar, and Mangrove line becomes littered with fish. It is an awesome time to fish Tampa Bay during this period.

Booking early for spring is key!

This time of year, people up north are getting tons of snow and cabin fever kicks in. This is when we start getting bombarded with calls as people get ready for their spring break trips. It’s always a great idea to make sure you get your days booked early as we fill up quick. Book a fishing charter with us to fish Tampa Bay is as easy as a call, text, email, or click on the website. We are readily available by phone and offer online bookings with no extra charge. Just click this link right here to get your next fishing charter of a lifetime booked….