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Successful  fishing charters depend on knowledge, skill, and equipment

I have been in the Tampa Bay area my entire life and have fished right here for most of it. In addition, I have been blessed to be a fishing charter operator since 2004 as a full time guide offering Tampa fishing charters, so it’s safe to say I’ve seen my share of developments. One of the most important tools include Trolling motors, Outboards, and the actual boats. At one time these items were fairly simple products have become very effective over the years. We have seen some of these products evolve into complex systems that have changed the way we fish and dramatically increased our catches.

Fishing charter boats

A charter boat has a multitude of different systems and moving parts that all have a special operation, and all are essential to a successful charter. The hull is probably one of the first parts of a boat. While at first glance most can look at a hull and think well that’s fairly simple there cant be a whole lot to that, but most an be mistaken. In the old days most boats in Tampa Fl are fiberglass while that’s still the most popular material they are constructed out of custom boat companies like Canyon Bay Boats which have really stepped their game and started using alternative products like Kevlar and carbon fiber.You wont see a difference in the look of the boat but by using these materials it makes for a stronger and more fuel efficient light boat. I’m seeing over 4.5 MPG with my 24 foot Canyon Bay Powered with a Mercury Verado 350 while taking people out Tampa flats fishing.

Fishing charter boat engines

Engines have also improved leaps and bounds with both performance and fuel economy. In the old days 2 strokes were the way to go as the performance was unmatched but with the swing of technology by companies like Mercury Marine we have seen the saltwater market take a turn towards using four stoke engines. This means no oil mixing and a more quiet fuel efficient engine. When four stroke engines first came out the down side was performance. They were always heavier and slower and to most they would not make the change. Since we have seen the development of some of the most technically sound engines like the Mercury Verado 350 they have the best of both worlds. This makes for a better experience on the water when booking your next fishing charter with a Tampa fishing guide. You also have the assurance that you will make it back to the dock with the reliable outboards of today.

Fishing trolling motors

Trolling motors have come a long way and this matched with a fairly new product called Power Poles you have pretty much ruled out the options of throwing an anchor. Trolling motors have been around for years and as far as I can remember they have come with 12, 24 and 36 volt systems. In 2008 a company called Rhodan marine released a trolling motor that uses its own GPS unit to hold you in a spot once you hit a button. This was a changing moment in the industry as now you have taken away of anchoring on a spot. With the touch of a button you can now essentially hold your boat in any depth of water and fish.This comes in handy this time of year as Mangrove snapper like to hang around the wrecks in Tampa Bay and holding on the spot with accuracy is something that has always been an Achilles heal. Rhodan Marine has set the bar and has made me able to concentrate on the fishing aspect of my charters versus the anchoring.

GPS fish finder

Just about every boat nowadays has a GPS bottom machine combo and this has also been around for years. In the past 5 years companies like Lowrance has really stepped up their game and has released bottom machines that have structure scan which gives you side view and look 3D at times. The GPS technology has also made Tampa flats fishing easier with the detailed charts that overlay Google earth. Mix this with screen exceeding 12 inches for easy visibility and you will be able to see cuts and potholes with ease by looking on your GPS. This is just another product that makes life easier day in and day out on the water.

The last product that is another local company and has been out for about 17 years is Power Poles which is another anchoring device used in the shallow water. Power Pole has been around for a while and is big in both the salt and freshwater markets but I have clients everyday for different areas of the country and come to do a Tampa fishing charter with me and have never heard of them. They are Hydraulic controlled poles that deploy out of the back of your boat and stick down into the sand. This local company has taken shallow water fishing to another level and has made inshore fishing a breeze for just about every level angler. When you come down and fish with a Tampa fishing guide you will see just about every inshore boat with one on the back.

Fishing in Tampa Bay is great and has been for many year and in my career as a Tampa fishing guide I have had the opportunity to use some of the best products around and better yet introduce them to clients that go home and use them to make there fishing easy better and more enjoyable. The fish dont really care about some of the things I mentioned but they should start because with the use of great tools mentioned above they wont have a chance.Mercury charter boat engine + power polecanyon bay fishing charter boatGPS fish finder