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Good Things To Come
May is a month of change, as many of our most sought after game fish begin to move in and we begin to change from spring to summer. The highlight of the month would have to be Tarpon as fish start to migrate up the beaches that surround Tampa Bay. It’s a great month if Tarpon is what you are after as fish use the moon’s phases to feed heavily on pass crabs and other times feeding on Threadfin Hearing. There are a number of successful ways you can target Tarpon, the key to catching fish is to have a variety of baits and match this with different techniques and you will have great success. Recommended tackle for Tarpon would be extra heavy spinning gear matched with 8 foot extra heavy rod. Match this with 60lb braided line, 60lb Fluorocarbon leader and 5/0 circle hook of choice and you will be ready for action. Planning your trips is also key to catching fish, I like to look for the best tidal flow which typically falls around the New or Full moons will be your strongest tides of the month and will typically give you a great chance at a Silver King.