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 Great Tampa Bay fishing this month

September is almost here and as summer comes to an end. As most people get ready for school our Tampa fishing charters slow down a bit. We mostly book local and corporate guys to fish this time of year. If you can break away from the your busy schedule and make your way down for a weekend getaway  you can enjoy great Tampa Bay fishing this month.

Redfish in Tampa Bay is great this month

August and September offers some of the best red fishing of the year. You will find big Schools of breeder red fish both in the Gulf Of Mexico and right inside Tampa Bay. Fishing around the new and full moon tides will prove to be the best chance at finding some big breeders. Its a sight everyone should see least once. Two hundred fish on the surface coming right at the bow of the boat lighting the entire surface up with a red tint. This is a common occurrence this time of year. Bait of choice would have to be greenbacks and Zman Paddlers. Sometimes the big schools are easier to target with artificial baits as you can make longer cast. When these school gather up they typically eat everything thrown in their path. Reds are typically on the move when schooled up in Tampa Bay.

Snook fishing is on fire

Snook are a great option this time of year as well. September typically offers our first cold front and when this happens,the water cools just a few degrees and gets these fish fired up. This is the sign to tell them fall is here. Snook are primary live bait fish and most can not resist a frisky greenback but I’ve also had great luck with dead bait on the bigger fish this time of year. Snook fishing in Tampa Bay is awesome and something everyone should get to experience.

Tarpon is on the top of the list this month

Tarpon fishing in Tampa Bay is also decent during the later months of the summer. This is a good time of year to target the juvenile Tarpon in the rivers and back bays. We typically find Tarpon rolling at first light and will eat Greenbacks at will. Tons of chumming will get Tarpon firing off on the surface and before you know it you will have a small fish jumping like crazy once hooked. Its a sight to see when a 30 lb Tarpon launches 5 foot in the air when hooked. If you are wanting to tangle with a bigger fish they are still hanging around inside Tampa Bay. Finding these fish wont be a problem. As the cool fronts approach these fish will typically move in search of warmer water.. If you are ready to book take advantage of online bookings.

Cheap flights and hotels this time of year

If you are looking for great place to stay within walking distance of my pickup location check out Little Harbor resort. As you can see Tampa Bay fishing is some of the best around. You can also get cheap flights and hotels so why not come down to Tampa, Florida and get out on a fishing charters. Check out Little Harbor Resort. Tight lines.