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Fishing Report

Grouper fishing in Tampa Bay is great this time of year!

By October 4, 2010No Comments

As the water temperature cools down there are a number of species that really seem to like the cooler water, like Grouper. Tampa Bay Grouper fishing is an offshore sport for the most part, but as we head into the cooler months we start to see good numbers of grouper on just about every ledge and structure in Tampa Bay. They can be caught in as shallow as 15 foot of water. Finding good structure matched with moving water in the key. As far as tackle you want to use the heavier gear. I like to use heavier spinning gear. Tampa Grouper FishingMy preferred tackle is a 3500 Daiwa coastal spinning reel matched with a Daiwa 7ft medium heavy rod. Match this with 50lb fins braided line. I like to use 60lb leader and a Daicchi 5/0 Bleeding circle hook. As for bait I use live pin fish with a free line or a big Greenback with an egg weight. The amount of weight you use depends on how hard the tide is running. Grouper is one of the toughest fish to fight especially in shallow water and contact me now to book YOUR charter.

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