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July offers some great fishing for a multitude of species. Getting out early and getting back before the heat kicks in is key when planning a Summer Tampa Fishing Charter. Water temperatures are running around 90 degrees on the flats mid-day so getting out at day break makes for a better day of Tampa flats fishing. Snook fishing has been great with tons of Snook boat side with just about every outing. Snook invade the spoil islands and beaches that line Tampa Bay this time of year as they get ready for the summer spawn. Bait of choice is Greenbacks and they are readily available on the flats. Bait this time of year are running smaller this time of year. We have had to downsize to #1 Daiichi circle hooks to match the size of the bait. Cajun Thunder floats have also been a help when Snook fishing in Tampa Bay so with the added weight it makes it easier to get the baits out to the fish. Snapper fishing has been stellar this year as the BIG Mangroves invade the wrecks and Reefs of Tampa Bay. Snapper fishing is a bit different as we are typically bottom fishing in the middle of the bay around structure. Having the right GPS Sounder is just as important as having polarized glasses on the flats. Finding these secret spots that hold thousands of Snapper is not an easy task but with the new technology of my Lowrance HDS 12 and its structure scan enables me to find these spots with ease. The key to catching Snapper is fishing at the change of the tides and having plenty of bait to chum them to the surface. Snapper also make for a great table fair so bringing a few home will help you finish your great day fishing off with a full belly.

Last but not least is Summer Tarpon Fishing Charters. Tarpon fishing in Tampa this year has been different due to a few early Tropical storms and windy conditions, but late summer Tarpon can be a blast. Fishing around the new and full moons will increase your chance of catching that trophy fish you have always dreamed about. Tarpon fishing is an experience everyone should try.

If you are interested in getting out on the water for a trip of a lifetime just give us a call at 813-727-9890 or shoot us an email at Tight Lines!