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August fishing in Tampa is a busy month as people get ready to get their young ones back in school. This means people tend to put fishing on the back burner, but little do they know this is one of the best times of year to get out. Here are a few reasons why you should get out and Fish Tampa in August. Weather is pretty consistent so you don’t have to worry too much about booking a charter and rescheduling or canceling due to bad weather. In Florida its nice in the morning and rainy in the afternoon this time of year. Second, is crowds this time of year are down so you can enjoy a great day of fishing without boats running all over the place. (Even on weekends) Third is that bait is very easy to get in the summer. What this means for you is getting back to the dock by noon yet still have a great day on the water. Typically this time of year if your willing to get an early start we will be back by noon with plenty of fish caught and more than likely fresh lunch. Next I’m sure you wondering what exactly will we be catching?

August offers up  a variety of species from Reds on the flats,to Snook on the beaches,but I would have to say our best catch this year would have to be the Mangrove Snapper. Every year in July and August Mangrove Snapper move into Tampa Bay and use all of the artificial reefs, wrecks, bridges, and and other type of structure as their spawning grounds. Snapper range in size from 8 to 20 inches with the minimum size being 10 inches to harvest. They are also a great fish for the table and put up an awesome fight. We typically use the same light tackle spinning gear used on the flats so both novice and experienced anglers will not have a problem .Mangroves are one of the best fighting fish for their sizes since they hang together in big schools you typically catch a bunch of them. Since we are fishing areas in the bay with structure you will catch other species while Snapper fishing. Shark, Flounder, Cobia, and Grouper are just a few of other that will be hanging in these same areas. If Mangroves are not on your list, we are also catching plenty of Reds, Snook and Trout as we head towards the fall. Remember you’re never to busy to go fishing. Tight lines.