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As summer comes to an end





Summer is almost over and most of us are focused on getting kids back to school. While it can be a bit overwhelming as life just seems busy just keep, in mind that down time on the water is important and fishing this month is still great. As we head into mid August Tampa fishing is at its best. Tampa Tarpon fishing this year inside the bay has been very productive and fun. We have been catching Tarpon from 20 to 160lbs all in the same spot. Bait of choice when targeting Tarpon has been dead bait soaked on the bottom. This is one of the best and most productive ways to catch Tarpon. I have also had some success using live Greenbacks as well on the smaller Tarpon that are roaming the back country and Tampa Bay flats.  If you are looking to get out and do some Snook fishing they have also been very productive. Smaller Greenbacks have been the bait of choice and using a Cajun Thunder float has also help since the water has been pretty dirty.As we get closer to September I cant think about nothing other than schools of Red fish. This is the time of year that the big breeder Reds show up in big schools in search of food on the flats.  There is nothing more exciting about fishing then getting out early on the water to find a big school of reds pushing a wake right at the boat daring you to make that perfect cast.   If you are looking to get out on the water for a great day for Tampa fishing  for Red fish now is the time to go.

A lot of people overlooked Tampa Bay fishing this time of year. Tampa offers some of the most versatile fishing charters in the entire state of Florida and this is the time of year to take advantage of that. As of late we have taken advantage of calm seas and did some Grouper fishing on the wrecks and reefs that exist throughout the bay. In some cases these ledges and rock piles can hold multiple species in one single spot. On recent fishing charters we have successfully caught big sharks, Gag Grouper, Tarpon, Mangrove Snapper, and even Goliath Grouper all in a single day of fishing. Bait of choice will depend on what particular species you would like to catch but cut Thread fin Hearing and Pin fish have been at the top of the list. For the Mangrove Snapper we have done well using the smaller greenbacks that are very plentiful on the flats.

As you can see while we may all be very busy this time of year getting kids ready for school but lets face it, fisherman all need to get on the water and get in a day of fishing no matter how busy life is. There is nothing better than enjoying a great day on the water watching the sunrise with the rods ready for some action. Come join us in a great day of Tampa fishing with a Tampa fishing guide that has spent his entire life chasing some of Tampa Bay most sough after game fish.  You can book your next trip very easily by booking online, emailing, or simply drop us a call and get all your questions answered 813-727-9890