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December is here but as warm weather hangs around it reminds me why I live in Florida. It’s been a bit warm this year and this has kept the fishing on the flats. Snook fishing has been the highlight of my guided trips. We are catching a ton of juvenile Snook this time of year as they stage up around the rivers and docks for winter. It’s been warmer than normal so I have caught more fish in the shallow water. The key this time of year is to read your water temperatures. We know it is December because the calendar tells us that but the fish only know water temps and since they are still in the mid-70s this tells them that it’s more like November. This is the key to know where to fish and will be the difference between fishing and catching. In the same spots we have caught Snook you can expect to also catch a bunch of smaller Redfish and Trout of nice size. This is the time of year to fish around the fronts and more importantly watch the winds. Also this time of year offers some of the best fishing but also worst weather. Be safe and watch the weather before you head out. If you are looking for that perfect christmas gift we offer gift certificates. Give us a call if you would like to have a fishing trip of a lifetime 813-727-9890