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This has been one of the mildest winters I could remember as water and air temperatures have stay above normal the entire year thus far. This has made for some great winter fishing. March has come but it almost seems as if we are in April. This means we are in for some great Snook fishing and Redfish schools should be right around the corner.
If you are after Snook you should find plenty in Tampa Bay especially around the South Shore. This area is like nursery with its vast flats and 3 major rivers systems that dump into the bay. It’s quite the area to fish in the spring
Redfish are starting to show up in good numbers on the flats and I would suspect that the next new moon this month that the big schools will start to show. Bait of choice is no secret as whitebait is steady on the markers. I do think we will have an early push on the flats so get ready to make that shift very soon.
Last would be Trout. While I would love to have good report on Trout and tell you were killing it that’s just not the case. Let’s hope for a late Trout run. Tightlines!