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Fishing Report

March Fishing Report

By March 11, 2012No Comments

March Brings Some Great Fishing

March is the start of the spring season and boy has it Started off with a bang. Mother Nature has been very kind to us in 2012 bringing some of the mildest weather I’ve seen in a few years. This has made for a great winter and better spring. With the milder weather, water temperatures have risen to above normal for this time of year. As a result fish are moving ahead of schedule. Snook are the hot species in March and although they have not fully recovered from the cold winter of 2010, they seem to be coming back. Most fish are stacking up around the potholes and troughs on the flats in search of food. Most prefer greenbacks right now and you can find them around the bridges and markers throughout the bay. As we move towards the later part of March you will start to see bait move towards the grass flats in Tampa Bay and will be a bit easier to get. Trout is also another highly sought after species. Big trout can be caught this time of year as they get ready for their spawn. Although trout are very tasty and are in season make sure you know the size and bag limits and only keep what you are going to eat. Redfish is the last on the bucket list this month. Reds are just starting to show up in schools on the flats in good numbers in March and typically the last part of the month will be better for Reds. Reds are a great fighting fish and there are plenty of them to be caught. Fishing the mangrove lines on the high flooded tides will prove to be a successful tactic. As the water starts to fall dropping off to the outer flats and troughs will be productive as well. Redfish are typically bottom feeders but they can’t resist a medium sized shrimp suspended under a popping cork. March offers some great weather and fishing so getting out on the water is a great way to spend your day. Tight Lines!