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Meet Captain Jason Prieto

Meet Captain Jason Prieto a native to Tampa Bay was born right here in Tampa General hospital. He has spent all 42 years right here in the bay area. Jason grew up in Brandon,Florida playing multiple sports in which included fishing. This gave Jason a competitive drive that he now carries into his   Tampa fishing charter business of 15 years. As a young kid Jason used to fish Cockroach Bay out of a  Jon boat putting countless hours in figuring out the patterns and learning spots to be a great fisherman. When Jason was not playing baseball,football, or soccer he was spending time on the water fishing. Little did he know that time on the water would enable him to be one of the premier fishing guides of Tampa Bay.

Captain Jason Prieto background

Jason was a Brandon High School graduate and after high school he started working full time at Ringpower Corp. During this time Jason worked mostly night shift and this was when he spent most of his days before work on the water doing what he loved. In 2004 Captain Jason decided to take a shot at something he had wanted to do since he was a kid but never thought it would actually happen. He completed his captain course and became a licensed captain. The rest is history. Capt. Jason has since become one of the top charter captains and tournament anglers in the area. The same competitive drive as a kid has also rolled over into his charter business success.

 The start of Capt. Jason Prieto business

The name of his business comes from taking his Stepfather fishing and putting him on some Steady Action. When he asked his stepfather what he thought for a business name? Its was a fairly easy and quick answer. Soon after Steady Action Fishing Charters Inc was born. Some of Capt. Jason’s best accomplishments would be winning team if the year IFA Red fish tour, Co Host to one of Tampa Bays best fishing talk show Outdoor Fishing Adventures, and taking Frank Sargent one of the legends of Tampa Bay fishing to be featured in the Tampa Tribune newspaper. Years later Jason still strives to put clients on fish of a lifetime and offers a great charter service. Jason enjoys the challenge of being a small business owner and loves the excitement and challenge that comes with it. Jason has a lovely wife  Angela Prieto since 1998 and has two beautiful daughters Kahlyn 12 and Brooke 7. When he is not on the boat putting clients on fish he is at the volleyball courts watching his daughters compete. Capt. Jason hopes you give him the chance to put you on some great Tampa fishing.