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October Fishing Looking good For Tampa Fishing Charters

October Fishing Looking good For Tampa Fishing Charters despite the doom and gloom reports. Fishing has been very productive in the bay. Fishing in the clean areas have been good. October is a month of change for just about every inshore species as weather cools off. It’s a good time of year to get out and do some fishing.

Snook looking good for Tampa Bay this month

Snook fishing for me will be the go to this month. You should start to see a push of fish into the flats and with the first cold fronts you will see bait on the flats start to thin out and more fish start to feed. Good places to start targeting are cuts and potholes on the flats. Another key element would be the change of tide heights in addition to  to north winds. As we see the fronts move in you will have more winds out of the north. With this you can expect lower tides which will push fish into the potholes and deeper areas on the flats. Working these same areas will in fact be very successful,therefore Snook fishing will be good. October fishing in Tampa looks great this month, I really like fishing these winter low tides.

 Fishing for Redfish looks fantastic in October

October fishing charters for Red fishing  looks good. Schools of fish will show up regularly on the new and full moons. Bait of choice for Reds would have to be artificial on the big schools of fish. One of my favorite options would have to be the Zman Minnowz with a ⅜ jig head for distance on your cast. Live bait is also a good option if you are working a flat for single fish. Another great tip is to work the mullet schools. Reds also like to hang out with the big schools of mullet if you don’t find that big school of Reds. Sometimes the fish will spread out so I like working the potholes as mentioned above also work well for Red fish.

Trout fishing some of the best of the year

Trout fishing throughout the summer is not very productive due to extreme water temps. October is the month that it all changes as water begins to cool down extremely. October Fishing Looking good for Tampa fishing charters for Tout. They start to move onto the outer flats and creeks and really get active. You can’t go wrong working a Mirrolure top dog at daybreak on the flats. Trout are suckers for surface disturbance and I really like  great combo would have to be a Cajun Thunder float matched with Ohero 25 lb Fluorocarbon leader and a Daichii wide gap circle hook. I really like October Trout fishing this time of year, its very productive and a blast.


Captain Jason Prieto is a native resident of Tampa and has fished Tampa Bay and its surrounding waters for the past 20 years. He is owner and operator of Steady Action Fishing Charters which is based out of  lower Tampa Bay. To book

a October fishing charter, you can reach him at 813-727-9890 or October Fishing Looking good for Tampa fishing charters this year.