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Still open for business and running fishing charters

  Still open for business and running fishing charters? This is a common questions ask for 2020.Despite our nation’s status from the Corona-virus we are still open for business and running Tampa fishing charters. I’ve had some cancellations due to traveling issues so I have days open that typically are not available this time of the year. As a small business it has been a struggle, but we and the rest of the nation will prevail and will business as usual.  The upcoming months will be challenging for me and thousands of other companies across the nation, but we will pull together and survive. I wanted to provide some basic information and things to look at when considering booking your next Tampa fishing charter.
  • This is a private fishing charter so only up to 4 anglers and myself would be on the boat.
  • It is private so only you and your group are the only people on the boat.
  • Most areas we fish in Tampa Bay are secluded and not many people around
  • Fresh air and saltwater are always a good way to break the stress (I hear the Captain of the boat is also entertaining and will keep you on the fish)
  • All licensing and tackle is included in the cost of the charter
  • Filleting of fish is also included
  • Last but not least would be a great day on the water with no bad news and alerts every hour. Just a great day on the water with some of the best fishing grounds the nation has to offer.
  •  We are still open for business and running fishing charters so lets go fishing.

Open for business despite the recent Corona-virus

Here is a fishing report as we are still open for business despite the Corona Virus

As of late Tampa fishing has been awesome. Tons of Snook on the flats eating just about everything thrown at them. In addition to the corona the waterways have been slower then normal. This has made for some nice days when it feels like the bay is all to ourselves.
Redfish have also been nice up in the mangroves. I Have had a ton of success on the incoming tides fishing Greenbacks along deeper mangroves trees with good tidal flow. Picking those stronger tides is the key to success when targeting Redfish.
Tampa Bay fishing for Mangrove Snapper has been productive. The channel edges have been very productive on the slower and change of the tides.
Grouper have been feeding on big pinfish. Snapper have been thick but a little hard to chum up with water clarity been so good. Snapper tend to have good eyesight and will shy away from anything with a hook some days. Mackerel have started to show up and Trout fishing also has been productive. Tampa Bay is a huge body of water and you can catch tons of fish on any given day
These pictures are from last weeks trips. I have openings the next few weeks and would love to get you guys out on the water. If you should have any questions Id be glad to take your call or email. My contact information is down below..
Remember to call, we are still open for business and running fishing charters.
813-727-9890 or