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Tampa Cobia Fishing

Tampa Bay is home to a year round population of cobia. This species of fish is known as a pelagic species, but they are also known to come into Tampa Bay regularly to feed on blue crabs, bait-fish, pinfish, and even hard-head catfish.

Even though found all year here (especially in warm water runoffs in the winter), there is a summer run of another set of cobia who cruise through here, the migratory group.  This group is part of an east/west (inshore/ocean) migration that generally occurs between April and July. This is when cobia fishing really takes off.

Cobia are generally slow moving fish that can be sight fished in the shallows of Tampa Bay, but when they attack a bait – they becomes speeding missiles. In this, they hit hard and fight hard. You should also be prepared to offer them a few different styles of baits as what they are eating can change up on the fly.