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Tampa Jack Crevalle Fishing

Jack Crevalle is a commonly caught species here in Tampa Bay. These are hard fighting fish that can definitely get your heart pumping after a hookup. Even the generally “small” Jack’s can provide a good beating on light tackle. Though not the best tasting fish (most do not eat these), they can definitely provide some serious entertainment while out fishing the flats.

When Jack’s come in on the flats, they are generally eating – aggressively. When this is occurring, almost anything can be thrown their way and become a productive bait. Locating this frenzy isn’t too hard, they have a distinct swim pattern, but can be pretty much guaranteed under any exploding bait ball.

Jack’s eat live baitfish. So when fishing with live bait fish, if a Jack is around, you’re pretty much going to end up with one on your line. But Jacks will also readily eat artificial baits as well, the main key with artificial being – look like a live baitfish.