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Tampa Snapper fishing

Snapper is a staple species here in Tampa Bay. Our Tampa fishing charters can regularly target snapper nearly all year long. There are many species of snapper that reside here, but they are all known for their excellent table fare. Snapper can be fun to catch as and even better to eat. Tampa Snapper fishing is a blast.

Summer Tampa Snapper

Some of the most popular species of snapper here in Tampa include lane snapper, mutton snapper, red snapper, and mangrove snapper. Though as mentioned, they can be caught all year – the really big ones congregate during their spawning season, June through September. Mangrove Snapper are the main Species tageted inside the bay but can also be caught in the Gulf of Mexico. Just about every type of Snapper are great to eat but all have different seasons,limits and sizes. Mangrove Snapper in State water are 5 per person with a minimum size of 10 inches. You can find all this information on the MyFWC website or the fish rules app on you phone.

Types of food Snapper like!

Most tend to think of shrimp as a primary bait for targeting snapper, and this is true – however as snapper get larger they generally switch to a bait fish diet. In this, live bait fish as well as lures can be used to successfully target great eating size snapper. I really like to fish the smaller greenbacks that are in Tampa Bay during the summer. Having both dead and live bait is a good option. I also like to have a bunch of chum bait to get the schools right behind the boat

Tackle for Snapper fishing

Mangrove Snapper can be very picky some days and will just turn there head are every bait. Its essential to use small hooks and the lightest line you can use without loosing every fish. I per fer to go with 20 lb fluorocarbon leaderĀ  and a Daicchi #1 hook. This will typically get the job done but some days they will even refuse this lighter set up.