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Fishing Report

Shark Fishing Is A Great Summer Option

Tampa Bay is one of the best Shark fishing Spots around offering a variety of different species. You can test your angling skills with one of the kings of the bay. In the summer Hammerhead,Black tip, Bonnet Head, Spinner, Nerve and Bull Sharks invade Tampa Bay. Sharks put up a great fight and are fairly easy to catch. Technique is simple, using #65 wire with a Daiichi 5/0 circle hook for leader and heavy spinning gear. Cut bait is the bait of choice I really like Lady fish, Mackerel, or Bonita. Using the carcass for chum and the fillets for bait works great. We normally fish in Tampa Bay for sharks along the edge of the ship channels or wrecks. Getting a good chum scent is very important. Sharks are a great fight, sizes range from 3 to 7 foot and 10 to 150 lbs. You can expect to catch sharks from Mid June through end of August. To book you next shark fishing trip in Tampa Bay call 813-727-9890 or email at Tight Lines!