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Summer is officially here in Tampa Florida and the fishing is getting down right hot.

The heat doesn’t keep the fish from biting this time of year. It actually gets better in some cases. If you are coming down and you are looking to get out on a Tampa Fishing Charter the inshore fishing is still great. Summer fishing consists of plenty of Snook on the outer flats, Redfish tailing in the early morning, dropping out mid day to catch a few sharks or chumming up hundreds of Mangrove Snapper on the wrecks.

Morning fishing charters

Getting out early for a morning fishing charter can be one of the best times to fish during the summer. The fish are actively feeding, before finding a little shade to hide in.

It’s a great time to visit Tampa

The area is a great destination for not only fishing but we have plenty of theme parks like Busch Gardens, Disney World and Islands of Adventure just to name a few. If you are looking for an Orlando fishing charter we are just over an hour away.

Tampa flats fishing is some of the best in Florida so why not take advantage of sunshine and water and book a charter today.

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