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Summer is barreling down on us here in central Florida. The days are long, the sun is hot, the breeze is mild and school is beginning to let out for the summer. Now is a good time for you to start planning those family vacations. Taking vacations doesn’t mean that you have to pack the car for a week long road trip, or travel across the country via plane, or maybe it does. But sometimes a vacation is a short stint in a neighboring town within your own state. Let’s take Florida for example. There are many beautiful and unique areas to visit. Heck, I’ve lived in Florida my whole and still haven’t seen everything that this great state has to offer. From beaches, to spring fed rivers, to space ships, to forts, to vast swamps, FISHING, amusement parks, manatees and much, much more, Florida has enough to keep the family busy for numerous vacations to come. Tampa Bay is that ideal city. Tampa Bay is situated ideally within the state to give you access to all of those family fun activities and attractions that we mentioned earlier. There is one activity that we hold to a higher standard here in the Tampa Bay region, and that’s our fishing. We tend to think it’s a big deal. People travel from all over the world to not only visit Tampa’s beautiful beaches, but to try their hand at some amazing inshore fishing. So let’s talk about your next summer fishing vacation to Tampa Bay.

This is the time of year where all us local boys, and girls, get excited for hitting the flats. Of course there are all the usual suspects swimming around, chasing baitfish and doing fish things, but this time of year brings on the fireworks—and I’m not just speaking of 4th of July. Summer time is when the mighty tarpon takes center stage. We stop mowing the lawn, our honey-do list piles up and our sleep suffers; all for a chance to hook up with the silver king. You see, tarpon fishing is some of the most exciting inshore fishing you can do in all of Florida. And that’s not just my opinion. Ask any resident hardcore angler and they’ll tell you the same thing. When summer rolls in, so do the tarpon.

family group tarpon fishing in tampa bay

Tarpon come into Tampa Bay during their annual migration along the coast in large numbers. Enormous schools can be seen with the average size tarpon coming in at about 100 pounds. Do I have your attention now? These fish are massive. Not only are these fish large, but they put on one heck of a show once hooked. Making large, drag screaming runs, going full airborne out of the water, gulping air and never giving up, tarpon is the ultimate showdown between man and beast. But don’t get too cocky. Hooking up with a mighty tarpon is only the beginning. Patience, concentration and skill pay a huge role in getting these dinosaurs to the boat. They are incredibly talented at throwing your well timed hook set, but with the right technique, you can increase your chances at putting your hands on him. To take your chances of not only hooking up with a tarpon, but landing one as well, to the next level, hire Captain Jason Prieto here at Steady Action Fishing Charters. Captain Jason is a lifelong resident to the Tampa area and has put in his work to successfully put clients on tarpon year after year.

Of course tarpon isn’t the only fish we like to target in the summer here in Tampa Bay.These warm summer months also provide an opportunity to hook up with some large snook. These robust linesiders are getting ready for the summer spawn—and they’re hungry. These larger females are actively moving around engulfing anything that crosses their path, including your bait, so be sure to hang on! Redfish and trout are still readily available this time of year. Fish the tides and early mornings for your best chance at tricking a hungry red into taking your lure. Fishing for reds will never get old. They’re bulldogs in the water that never seem to give up making them an ideal candidate to target in between tarpon schools.

There are many other inshore species patrolling the waterways during this time of year as well. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked up with a mangrove snapper, permit, jack crevalle or even a shark during your day out on the water.

With that being said, the Tampa Bay area is the ideal place for a family fun day of fishing. There’s nothing like seeing your child catch their first fish. Remember back when you first got the fishing bug? It was a moment that sparked a passion that will continue to burn deep within your soul for the rest of your life. Captain Jason has the patience, expertise and luxuries to make that happen for you and your family. So while the beaches, shopping, and thrill rides all might be fun and games, give your family a trip out on the gorgeous waters of Tampa Bay for a fishing trip that they will never forget.