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Fishing Report

Tampa Bay Is The Place To Have Some Good Times On The Water

By September 4, 2013No Comments

Being a native to the Tampa Florida area I can tell you that fishing is a way of life here. I have been blessed with the opportunity to go fishing just about any time I wanted for most of my life. Having a boat before I could drive and a fishing rod in hand before I could walk just made it a way of life. Now making a living and fishing as a profession in Tampa Bay, I often look back to the times fishing as a kid to remind me just how fun it was and this often takes the business side away just for a few moments . As most of you know we often do this as adults and those things that we did as a youngster that we thought were not a big deal end up staying with us for our entire lives. For me fishing has always been the first thought from the past and some of the best memories in my life. Although I never had the opportunity or money to fish with a charter when I was a kid, I still had some great times on the water.  I can tell you that learning tips, techniques, and how to catch fish was very difficult with a huge learning curve. I did a lot more fishing and a lot less catching, but I still would not trade the memories for anything as that drives me to this day.  So weather its booking a Tampa fishing charter with me on Tampa Bay, taking you little one to the Sunshine Skyways Fishing Pier , or just dropping a line off the seawall to see what you get one of Tampa bay’s long bridges, the key is to just get out on the water and take your family fishing. Trust me when I tell you, they will thank you years down the road. If you are coming to Tampa Bay and would like to have a family fun day on the water and see the beautiful sites of our Bay and miles of Backcountry waters, just drop us a call at 813-727-9890 or email We offer a fun filled fishing charter with all licensing and tackle include. Tight lines