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Fishing in November is awesome, the weather is some of the best of the year and so is the fishing. Look for Snook fishing to be at its peak on the back country and flats. As it cools off towards the later part of the month we will start targeting areas inside the rivers systems that feed into the bay. These areas act as a nursery and refuge to the chilly temperatures of the winter time. If Redfish is on your list of fish to catch don’t be left out. Right now, the Reds have been schooling up in good numbers and should stay productive throughout the fall. Trout fishing is also on the rise. Trout fishing can be a blast to all ages and all levels of anglers. Trout love that magical number of 70 degrees inside the bay. The big Gator Trout should start to show up on just about every flat on the bay this month. While they may get overlooked by Snook and Redfish, the head shake of a monster Trout is priceless. Another great option has been Flounder. As we fish a lot of sandy shallow areas Flounder have been a nice option. While we don’t catch them every day this year seems that the Flounder bite has become a bit more frequent. You will find these odd creatures roaming around in the same locations as other game fish so when caught it really makes of a nice surprise. The bay fishing also picks up as our Mackerel start to show up in good numbers in Tampa Bay. They make for some fun fishing and good options if someone is looking to do a fish fry. The best of the rest would have to be Grouper, Snapper and Cobia. Tampa Bay has hundreds of wreck and artificial reefs in which hold plenty of great fish. Its always a surprise when fishing out in the bay as various types of fish live around these areas. It gives you so many options in such a small area. Most would have to travel to multiple areas and book multiple trips to catch what we could potentially catch in a single Tampa fishing charter.

So, if you are looking to get out on the water this fall or even winter don’t worry about the fishing or red tide because all is good and normal inside the bay.

So, let’s get you guys out on the water just shoot me an email or give me a call 813-727-9890