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Tampa Fishing

Tampa Fishing

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Tampa Bay is truly a unique place within Florida. Like much of the waterways in Florida, Tampa Bay was formed by way of the intricate Karst topography that riddles the state. Tampa Bay began as a freshwater swamp that is thought to be fed via the Florida aquifer that then slowly transformed into a saltwater estuary. This happened as climate and sea levels changed and a possible sink hole that may have opened up connecting the lake with the Gulf of Mexico. That was a long time ago.

Today, Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest estuary, covering over 400 square miles. The bay is fed by several freshwater river sources with the main freshwater influx being the Hillsborough River. The bay is an average of only 12ft. deep and is home to seagrass beds, oyster bars, sandy, silty and muddy bottom, and mangrove wetlands. This rich ecosystem provides habitat to over 200 species of fish, a dozen different species of birds, manatees, dolphins, and much, much more.

fishing outlook for Tampa

Nowadays, Tampa Bay is renowned for its incredible fishery. Inshore fishing for redfish, snook, speckled trout and more draws thousands of anglers each year to fish the lively Tampa Bay area. Although fish can be caught in the area year-round, there are seasons that are better than others. Let’s take spring for instance. The water temps are warming and the fish are hungry. Tarpon also begin to show up this time of year, and as of now, they’re here in good numbers. These fish are a blast to catch with their high-flying acrobatics and line-ripping runs. Weighing upwards of a couple hundred pounds, these fish are sure to make any angler smile.

Spring is also the perfect time to throw topwater plugs for big redfish and snook. There are big fish roaming around inside Tampa Bay and throwing topwater is a dynamite way to catch these brutes. It is not uncommon to find reds and snook in the same area. In fact, all of the inshore fish species can be caught in close proximity to each other making the waters of Tampa Bay a smorgasbord for hungry anglers. Speckled trout and mangrove snapper are also on fire during the spring, so be sure you bring a cooler with plenty of ice. There’s nothing like eating your hard earned fresh from Florida seafood for dinner.

So when you’re ready to experience a fishery like Tampa Bay, look no further then Captain Jason Prieto of Steady Action Fishing Charters. Captain Jason has the experience and expertise that you look for in a guide. Born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, Jason has grown up chasing the inshore species that swim the area. Specializing in inshore fishing, Tarpon fishing, family fishing and corporate fishing charters, Captain Jason knows what it takes to make your trip an enjoyable and successful one that you will remember forever.

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