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Fall is showing up and this means we are about to experience some of the best fishing Tampa Bay has to offer. Snook make their transition to the flats and backcountry. Redfish are still hanging around in decent schools on the flats, and every day we see cooler weather and the Trout fishing just gets better. It’s truly an amazing time to get out on the bay and do some fishing.

What’s fishing is hot in Tampa Bay

Whitebait  also known as (Greenbacks)is the key to catching big numbers on Snook this time of year as they make that Transition to the flats. As water cools, bait will start to thin out in the shallow flats and move out to deeper water. You will find plenty of bait around the markers and towers inside the bay. The 12 foot  Blackpearl cast net should be the perfect match to get bait in the deeper water. As water cools start targeting the rivers, the South Shore has 4 major rivers that feed into the bay. This makes for some awesome Snook fishing all the way through the river.

Redfish continue to be productive

Redfish should stay hot, until we get a harsh cold front. I start to look in the deeper creeks and residential docks as fish will shift to these areas.  Using artificial bait is a good option so this will allow you to cover a lot of area. You can’t go wrong with a Root beer Zman minnowz bait matched with a ¼ ounce jig head. Live shrimp is also an excellent option. You will also have plenty of success using Greenbacks and a Cajun Thunder Back Bay float. Fishing around the Oyster bars on the rising and falling tides is a great method that will produce lots of fish.

Tout fishing in Tampa starting to produce

Trout fishing will continue to get better as water temperatures cool. You have to target Trout in the deeper grass flats and potholes that line the flats. You will find plenty of fish in the 4 to 6 foot depth outside the sand bars all the down the South Shore. Look for the thick grass areas and you will find the thicker trout. If you like throwing artificial baits for trout you can’t go wrong. The Mirrolure baits. These are absolutely some of the best Trout baits around.  As water gets colder, shift over and use artificial shrimp. This offers a slower approach when fish don’t want to chase fast moving baits. Greenbacks are also a great option as well. When fishing the deeper flats try to chum the bigger fish to the surface. Watching a Gator Trout pop a Greenback on the surface is an amazing sight. Remember water temperature is the key. This will dictate where you fish and what you fish with. Know what your temperature in your area is and it will be the difference in just going fishing versus going catching.

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