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This year is shaping up to be a great one for Tarpon in Tampa Bay.. We have had a very mild winter that typically means Tarpon fishing should be ahead of schedule. Tarpon migrate the coast from Tampa on around to the Texas coast every year and they invade Tampa Bay in the months of May, June ,and July. While we have resident fish that use Tampa as their year round home most are on the move. This means that if you are looking to catch the Silver King you need to set your next vacation to Tampa around the prime months. Tarpon are funny creatures and can be very picky as to when they feed and this is why planning your trip around the moon phases is important. Most avid Tarpon anglers the come to Tampa Bay to catch Tarpon will typically book ahead to increase their chances of catching a trophy. Tarpon fishing is not the only thing that is good this time of year,look for some of the best Snook fishing to happen in the same months as they get ready for the years spawn and we also will plan to chase huge schools of Reds. Its just a good time to get out on the water. Give me a call and we can talk in detail about the trip. I can be reached at 813-727-9890 or shoot me an email on my reservations page.