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Tarpon Fishing in Tampa Bay is in Full Effect For June

Fishing in the summer is great in Tampa Bay. There are plenty of options inside Tampa Bay during the summer months. Snook fishing in Tampa Bay is great as the big Snook get ready for the spawn. Bay fishing is also a great option as Grouper season opens and the Mangrove Snapper fishing begins to really pick up. Don’t forget about our great summer shark fishing as Sharks invade the bay as well. All are great options but one of my favorites during this time is Tarpon Fishing in Tampa Bay!!!!

Tarpon fishing in Tampa Bay is some of the best around. During the summer months big schools migrate up the coast and call Tampa Bay home for a few months. During this time period you can expect to have a good chance to hook up to one of the most sought after fish in the world. Tarpon fishing is a process and can be very drawn out but when you put the time in you typically get rewarded.


Tarpon Fishing in Tampa Bay

Tarpon fishing in Tampa Bay can be tricky. Booking around the best times will increase your chances of hooking and landing one. Typically the summer months from May to September are good Tampa fishing for Tarpon. When preparing for a Tarpon fishing charter you should come prepared with plenty of water, light breathable clothing and patience. Prime Tarpon fishing weeks are around the New and Full Moons as the tidal flow is great and this typically brings bait of all types through the passes. Booking you next fishing charter in advance will ensure the best days.

Tackle is another very key ingredient to a successful Tarpon charter. Tackle of choice on my fishing charters would be Heavy spinning gear. On my fishing charters I use the Tsunami Carbon Shield 2 Rods matched with 5000 Tsunami Evict reels for the perfect combination to land the big one. The rod and reel is only good if you have the right line to match. I like to go with 60 lb braided line and 60 to 80 Lb Fluorocarbon line. Don’t forget to pick you up some Daiichi 6/0 circle hook on the way to the ramp..

Having great electronics will be a big help when Tarpon fishing as fish are move on the deeper water and having eyes on the bottom will help you locate and catch more fish. Using 3D side imaging from Simrad has made me a better Tarpon fisherman and will help you catch more fish as well..

If you are looking to do some summer fishing inside Tampa Bay for Tarpon or any other species the roam out waters don’t hesitate to give us a chance as fulfilling your fishing needs.