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Fishing Report

Tarpon fishing in Tampa Bay

Tarpon have started there migration and have moved into the area. You can catch Tarpon around bridges, passes, ship channels, and along the beaches on Tampa Bay. There are a variety of baits you can use, but one of the best baits for Tarpon is pass crabs. They flow out off of the flats with the tides into deeper water, this is were Tarpon ambush them.  Thread Fins and Pinfish are also great Tarpon baits and are a little easier to find.The best time to target Tarpon are around the new and full moons, This will bring good tide flow. Fish sizes Range from 40lbs to 200 pounds so using heavy tackle is a must. Tarpon fishing is very challenging but can be very rewarding if you pick the right time and day to fish for them. Dont delay book your Tarpon trip now!