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Time for Tarpon to invade Tampa Bay

Time for Tarpon to invade Tampa Bay. These fish, also known as the Silver King start to show up in big schools around Tampa Bay. Most of our Tarpon fishing charters run from May through July in search of these incredible massive creatures. Tarpon range from 10 lbs. up to 200 lbs. and go to over 6 feet long. Tampa Bay is one of the nations top destinations to target Tarpon

When to target Tarpon?

We typically start out Tampa fishing charters for Tarpon out at sunrise on the hunt as they cruise the beaches in search for food. These are the migration fish. They typically move up and down the beaches every year during the summer. Tarpon sightings at first light can be easy as they breach the surface gulping big breaths of air. Tarpon to invade Tampa Bay are one of the toughest fish to target as they can be a bit picky at times but once you have hooked one the wait is always worth it. You will be in for the fight of your life.

What types of bait to use for Tarpon?

Bait of choice for Tarpon in Tampa Bay changes from day to day and I typically like to try and have a little bit of everything. Some of their favorite baits are Pass Crabs, Threadfin Hearing, Pinfish, and dead bait. My favorite bait if I had to pick one would be dead bait. Tarpon are easier targeted when using dead bait to draw them to the boat. Having an assortment will increase the chances of hooking one for sure.


Last would have to be mental preparation. Tarpon in Tampa Bay are a big fish and require a lot of patience and work. Being prepared for the trip with realistic goals will better help you prepare for a Tarpon trip. Just like other trophy fish it takes time to get the boat and baits in that perfect spot. With the perfect presentation and a little luck, you will be in for a fight of a lifetime.


If you are interested in a Tampa Tarpon trip or any other type of Tampa fishing charters give us a try. We are available by phone (813)727-9890 and email. Here is a good start when booking as tarpon charter.


If you would like some more information on the basics of Tarpon here is a great page to check out

Capt. Jason Prieto
Steady Action Fishing Charters