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Tampa Bay fishing tips


One of the most overlooked secrets in Tampa Bay is the bay fishing for all types of species. Most people think you have to go offshore for miles to catch keeper Grouper,Mangrove Snapper, Mackerel and even Cobia. Truth be told you can catch all of the above on any given day just minutes from the dock right inside Tampa Bay.Im gonna give you a few Tampa Bay fishing tips

Tampa Bay fishing geography

Tampa Bay is 15 miles wide and 25 miles long at the widest areas. There are lime rock ledges,rocks,depressions and hundreds of artificial reefs right inside the Skyway bridge. Shallow water bottom fishing is some of the best fishing available on the west coast of Florida. 

What will you need to catch more fish in Tampa Bay

First you will need good electronics. These days you will find some great options for reasonable money like the Simrad GO series. Throw in an updated chart and you will instantly have wrecks throughout Tampa Bay. I have found multiple spots on my Simrad Evo 3 just by looking at the charts and locating the drop offs. I like the option of having the structure scan side imaging. This will give you more range and actually show you the contours as you slowly move across the desired fishing grounds. Bigger bay boats are preferred in our area as Tampa Bay get choppy. My top choice for a boat is a Canyon Bay 28H. This boat has all the needs of any angler that fishes in Tampa Bay and I like its offshore capabilities. 

Gear used to catch fish in Tampa Bay

Next would be the gear. I like the Tsunami 4000 spinning gear mixed with the carbon shield 2 rod. This is the perfect combination  from Snapper to cobia and grouper. Preferred leader size would be 40 to 60 lb test. If you are on the Mangrove Snapper sometimes downsizing to 25lb fluorocarbon will help with more bites. If the Grouper moves in you will end up getting a lot of break offs. This will change from trip to trip.Hook of choice would be a 2/0 to 4/0 Daiichi circle. These hooks will hold up to anything that roams Tampa Bay and will put fish boatside.

Bait of choice for Tampa Bay
Bait of choice will vary depending on what you are targeting or catching that day. This will create a feeding frenzy right behind the boat.Get ready for some non stop action with just about any species that roams Tampa bay able to be caught.  
Make sure and get your next fishing charters booked

On your next visit to the Tampa Bay area don’t forget to get out on the water enjoy the awesome fishing experience. We offer fishing charters from half to full days and both family fun trips are available as well as the serious angler.So give us a ring and let’s see what type of Tampa Bay fishing will work for you.