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..Catching Tampa Bay Redfish 

Catching Tampa Bay Redfish. We get people from all over the United States that come here to target Redfish. Reds are one of my favorite fish to target as I have grown up chasing these spotted tailed favorites. We have a bunch of great inshore fishing in Tampa Bay but I would say that Reds would have to be one of my customers favorites to target on a Tampa fishing charter. Here are a few tips on catching Tampa Bay Redfish in the area.

You need the right gear for Redfish in Tampa Bay

The first would be to have the right gear.. Redfish are typically caught in the shallow water here and can be very spooky when the water is clear. That’s why I typically use a fluorocarbon leader around 30lbs and a 1/0 Daiichi circle hook. Reds tend to shy away from heavier leaders and hooks that may be too big.

My tackle of choice would have to be a 3000 Tsunami Evict matched with a Tsunami 7’6 carbon 2 rod to haul in the big bruisers. This will have enough backbone to land a fish caught by the mangroves but will make the long cast when chasing the school.

Areas to target Redfish

Second would have to be the area to target. Redfish are a roaming fish, so they tend to move around a bunch and can be a bit hard to gather a pattern on. Once you understand where to fish go you will become more efficient at catching Redfish in Tampa Bay. Good areas to target are open flats, mangroves, Oyster bars, and spoil islands. All hold fish but knowing when to look at a certain  area will help increase your catch on your next Tampa fishing charter.

Right tools to catch Redfish in Tampa

Third would be to have the right gear on your boat to insure you don’t spook the Redfish In Tampa Bay. A trolling motor is a very important tool when trying to catch Reds while flats fishing in Tampa Bay. The outboard might sound quiet outside the boat but under the water they make a ton of noise. When targeting Reds noise will be your enemy. A set of Power Pole Shallow water anchors is also essential when targeting Redfish. When fishing a school of fish banging the anchor will ruin a great day of fishing.


Another great and simple tool you will need to bring would be a good pair of sunglasses. This is commonly overlooked and probably one of the most important parts to targeting any inshore fish. This is especially important with Reds in Tampa Bay. We typically get big schools of fish in the summer months and these schools are a blast to catch, but they are on the move a lot and knowing where to find the school can be a real chore if you can’t see them.

These are just a few tips to help you catch Redfish on your next inshore fishing excursion. The best way to catch plenty of Redfish and learn a lot in one day would be to book a fishing charter on Tampa Bay. It’s easy and we also offer online bookings that are safe and secure. Check out some more great articles . Tightlines!!!