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Fishing Report

Trout and Redfish has been good in Tampa Bay!

By June 14, 2010No Comments

Well it has gotten hot and water temperatures have climbed up to 86 degrees in some areas but it has not slowed down the fishing. We have seen good numbers in Trout and Red fish despite the heat. One change that I have done to increase the bite has been to slow down the approach and not use as much chum bait. Summer is very similar to winter on you approach when fishing the shallow water flats and back country of Tampa Bay, you have to slow things down a bit. This is due to the high water temperatures. Fish don’t want to expend a lot of energy chasing baits and don’t feed as feqent. One of my favorite baits this time of year is cut Greenbacks. This is a great bait and fish don’t have to exert to much energy to catch it. Rigging is pretty simple a #1 Daiichi Bleeding hook tied with a simple loop knot to 25lb fluorocarbon leader which then is connected with a double Uni Knot to #4 Fins Braided line. This is the time to get out on the water!