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Here is what you should bring on your next Tampa fishing charter

I have been guiding for quite a few years in Tampa Bay and I have lived here my entire life. Since I have started one thing that has always been an issue or has been asked is what is included or what do we need to bring for our next Ta? I have had people show up with nothing and others show up the dock with enough things to go on a 4-day cruise. I figured a good idea to explain here is what you should bring on your next Tampa fishing charter .

What to bring on the next fishing charter

One of the biggest questions I get asked is about spray sunscreen. Most captains or boat owners do not like spray sunscreen because it tends to turn the gelcoat on the boat yellow. When you use spray sunscreen most of it ends up on the deck which tends to make the boat slippery and turns the deck yellow in the area sprayed. Most people end up bringing it and I just ask to try and keep it off the boat. Seems like a dumb question but its often a topic leading up to the fishing charter. To add lotion seems to do a better job and uses less to be effective.

What’s included if  you book a fishing charter

Another commonly asked question leading up to the fishing charters in Tampa Bay. Every fishing charters are different, but most include a fishing license, fishing rods, bait, and a cooler iced down ready for your beverages. People always ask if I include the drinks. I typically have some waters just in case, but I always ask that clients bring food, beverage, and sunscreen. Everyone is different therefore everyone has different things they like. Another simple but often asked question.

Can we keep any fish on our next Tampa fishing charter?

Another great one. Can we keep our catch, and do you fillet them? The answer is yes and yes. You can keep your catch if they are in the legal sizes and seasons. The sizes and seasons are regulated by the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC). I do not make the rules but believe in the system and I abide by them. If its not legal we do not keep them. If you have some interest in learning what is in season here is a link to the FWC website. They have a bunch of great information there if you want to do a little research before your next Tampa fishing charter.

Last would be what is your cancellation policy for a fishing charter?

My cancellation policy is a little different than a hotel because more than likely if you have a trip booked, I have turned away another client for that day. This means if you cancel, I lose business. I run a  small business and cannot afford to have cancellations daily.  I want to take you on a fishing charter, not take your money. For more information you can visit my website to see the cancelation policy.

I hope this blog on what to expect on your next Tampa bay fishing charter helps you know what you need to bring and we hope to see you on a fishing charter with us soon.