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April has arrived but with a late cold front you would have thought we were just going into March. With the front has come very windy conditions and have changed our tides and fishing. Snook fishing has continues to be on fire going into April. Most fish we are catching are the smaller fish but I never heard anyone complain about catching 50 Snook in a day’s work. The big change has been bait as it makes the transition from the markers to the flats as water temperatures begin to heat up. I also suspect the school of reds to start showing this month as things really pick up. Look for schools of fish to be mixed in with mullet. They will also school up with jacks as well this time of year. Target the big school around the New and Full moon phases as these are the best times to see those huge schools milling around the flats. Don’t forget about the Silver King as they start to invade the bay. Good places to look this time of year are the outer flats and bridges. Tight lines