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March is here, and weather is great. This month is when we make that change towards spring fishing. Snook really ramps up and trophy Trout mixed with good Redfish are not far behind. Its one of my favorite months to fish. Snook has to be the most targeted fish for March. Just about every creek mouth, pothole, and pass leading out of the backcountry is loaded with fish. One any given day this month you can have multiple fish days with double hook ups. Snook is one of my favorite and if you have not experienced Snook fishing this time of year you must get out and see what Tampa Bay has to offer.
Trout fishing has also picked up. While I have had concerns about our Trout fisheries in the bay I’m glad to report that our catches in numbers has improved. Keys for targeting Trout are simple. Look for deeper potholes with good thick grass and water flow. Another tip is to move around on spots. On recent trip fish have been on the move but when you fin d them they have been schooled up in good numbers. So, weather you are looking to enjoy the Florida sun or get out and catch a ton of fish this is the time to get out.