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This has been a cold year thus far as fronts have blasted the Tampa Bay area. As we head into February things begin to warm up and the transition from winter to spring begins. Every day that is warm takes us one step closer to some awesome fishing.

As water temperatures climb look for some of our most sought after species to make the transition to the flats. Snook fishing will really begin to take off as they make the transition. Whitebait (also called Greenbacks) is the bait of choice as the bigger schools move around the bridges and towers inside Tampa Bay. Targeting potholes and creeks that surround the shallow water flats will be very productive for both Snook and Trout. These same areas you will find Reds roaming as well as tide flushes in and out. With clear waters I always find a good bit of success using a free lined rig. For Trout you can’t go wrong with the popping cork. As weather gets warmer and more consistent look for fishing to get better. Picking the good weather days will also help with having a great day on the water this time of year. Tight lines!