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Fishing Report

April 2023 Fishing Report

By April 1, 2023May 23rd, 2023No Comments
This week has been great weather but windy. This has not taken us
off the water but limited us to inshore fishing. Some late cold fronts
have dictated what we target and where we go. Thankfully, Tampa
Bay has miles of backcountry area that protects us from the wind and
waves. The result has been successful Tampa Bay fishing for Snook,
Redfish, Trout, and a few shallow water Grouper. Here is a report on
what is biting this week and what to expect as the winds lay down
into next week.
Snook fishing is the most consistent bite throughout the spring as
they stage up in and around the passes and feed aggressively when
the tide is moving. On any given day in the spring you can catch 30
Snook while fishing Tampa Bay. Bait of choice is Greenbacks but
having a few Threadfin hearing will make for some great cut bait ac-
tion. Moving water is key, so planning your trips around the weeks of
the new and full moons will ensure the tidal flow will be good. The
rest is just being at the right spot at the right time.
Redfish are also a hot fish to target. As of late we are seeing some
nice schools of fish but they can be picky at times. The fish have been
in smaller schools mixed in with mullet or on the flooded tides in
the shaded areas on the mangroves. Redfish take some patience and
timing but when all the stars align you can expect to catch some nice
fish. Some are exceeding 30 inches. On the high tides you need to fish
the mangroves. I have had a bunch of success throwing a tail hook
Greenback along the mangroves. Come enjoy some great Redfish
fishing in Tampa Bay
Trout fishing has picked up for me with the cooler temperatures.
Fishing the potholes on low incoming tides has proven to be success-
ful. Using a popping cork or a nose hook freelined Greenback will
be you best bet to catching some big Trout. If artificial baits are your
choice, I always love throwing the Zman paddlerz, pearl white in col-
or. You can check out an assortment of baits at
Looking forward into next week, I would expect to see the winds
subside and things get back to normal. I have some Tarpon trips
booked and hope to be able to put the first Tarpon boat side for 2023.
I have also been on some nice sized Gag grouper which can be a blast
when catching them on freelined baits. Mangrove Snapper have also
been hot in the bay. These guys fight like crazy and make for a tasty
meal at the end of the trip. Its a great time to get on the water, plenty
of great fish to catch and awesome weather. If you would like to take
advantage of some awesome Tampa Bay fishing visit our website

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