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Fishing Report

Shorter days and cooler mornings are here!

By September 16, 2014No Comments

September is upon us and this is truly a month of transition for both fish and people. Days start to get shorter and mornings are just a tad cooler. This is the start of great weather to come as we enter October. Fish also like this change of weather, this is there sign that fall is approaching. As this occurs fish will slowly start to make there way into the flats and backcountry areas of Tampa Bay. This is the time to get out and do some fishing.

If you are planning a trip to Tampa Bay you can expect to have some great fishing and good consistent weather. Snook fishing starts to take off as big breeders move from their summer breeding grounds and shift onto the outer flats of the bay. Redfish school up by the thousands in search of any type of bait that comes across their mouths. Trout fishing is still a little slow but catching nice slot fish becomes more of a normal occurrence. Dont forget about those resident Tarpon that are still hanging around the river systems that feed into the bay. There is so much to catch this time of year the trips just fly by. If you are interested in getting out on the pristine waters of Tampa Bay and having a experience of a lifetime just give us a call and we will get you guys booked for a fishing trip of a lifetime. 813-727-9890 or shoot us an email