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Fishing Report

Snook Fishing A Must For December!

By December 11, 2012No Comments

Ever heard of a Snook, Catch a Snook, or Wonder what a Snook is or looks like? Well Snook are one of the most sought after game fish in Florida. Snook are a Tropical fish and are not caught any further north of Tampa Bay. Water temperature plays a huge roll when targeting Snook and catching these line siders decrease as the cold months of January and February hit,as most fish are in the rivers. Creeks, residential canals and any other warm water haunt they will feed very frequently until the end of the year before they head far up the rivers to ride out the extreme cold months. If you have never caught a Snook you are missing out. They are most commonly compared to a Large Mouth Bass but have a bit more slender build and fight a little harder. They make great runs and blast out of the water similar to a bass trying to throw out the hook. Bait of choice is Scalded Sardines or locals also call them Greenbacks. Snook fishing is typically done around the pristine waterways of the river mouths that flow into Tampa Bay. In these areas you will be fishing miles and miles of mangrove creeks, islands, and canals without a house in sight. It’s the ultimatefishing experience.  While visiting the Tampa area be sure and check out the other great activities going on this month like Busch Gardens Amusement Park or the Florida Aquarium.  Not sure what charter captain is right for you so checkout what my previous customers are saying about their charters. 

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