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Fishing Report

Snook Fishing Has Been Stellar!

Since 2009 Snook have taken a back seat as a targeted species on Tampa Bay due to the extreme cold weather that hit us during January of 2010. Since then the Florida Conservation Commission “FWC” has stepped up and taken precautions to help the stocks rebuild by closing the season for harvest.  Snook have started on a slow but positive recovery and this spring I have noticed more fish in areas than last year.

March brings some of the best Snook fishing the area has to offer. Most fish are making their way out from the rivers and creeks where they have been hiding from the cold temperatures of January and February. With such a mild winter this year we never really saw a big drop in water temperature. This has made for an early spring and fish are moving out early.  I’m seeing good numbers around the oyster bars and potholes on just about every area on the south part of the bay.

Catching them can be a bit tough but with a little bit of effort and a lot of Greenbacks you can find yourself withquite the day of fishing. I have been using free lined bait or a greenback suspended under a popping cork depending on water depth.  Using a 1/0 Daiichicircle hook will work great with the size of bait that is running in the bay right now and I have been using 25 lb. Ohero fluorocarbon for leader line. Throwing a few chum baits will help entice the bite and get them in a feeding frenzy.  Fishing around the tides has also increased the catch. Fishing oyster bars with deeper potholes around them and good moving water has been the key As the water warms look for these same fish to start shifting towards the outer flats and spoil islands.

If you are in the area and have some extra time after your fishing trips you should stop in and watch some of th spring training games in  the Tampa Area. Teams like the Tampa Yankees, Pirates,Philadelphia Phillies just to name a few. If that’s not enough for you and on you way to Tampa International Airport stop in and see some of Florida’s best beaches! Tight lines.