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Fishing Report

Summer brings some of the best fishing of the year!

By May 11, 2011No Comments

Its mid May and summer is just around the corner. Although it may get a little hot fishing, it does not slow down in Tampa Bay, this is actully one of my favorite times of year. Summer brings great Snook fishing as they get ready for the spawn in late summer and Snook tend to feed very frequent to feed there young. There are still a few Trout and Mackerel around in deeper water but they really start to thin out towards the later half of the summer months. Redfish will be schooled up strong going into the later months of the summer as well. Starting in July we get our big schools of Mangrove Snapper that move in by the thousands. They will be schooled up on just about every reef and wreck in Tampa Bay. The second highlighted species is Shark fishing. You can look to catch Black Tip, Spinner, and Hammerhead sharks in exceeds of 7foot. Heavy spinning gear makes for a great fight but big enough to get them to the boat. If your coming to the the Tampa Bay area in the summer months you should definately look at doing some fishing. Trips start really early so heat is not to bad and the fishing is as good as you will see. Give me a call to book a trip of a lifetime! 813-727-9890 or shoot me an email